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AXIM Services & Solutions

At AXIM Fringe Solutions Group, we are dedicated to addressing industry inefficiencies and delivering beneficial solutions more beneficial to our clients for their long-term future. We are agnostic to products and carriers and work to align your organization with the best options based on your contract and employee needs. We are your partner in all things contract management and profitability and provide an array of services and solutions to meet your needs.

Employee Benefits & Consulting

Not only do these benefits help keep employees happy and protected, but they also keep businesses compliant with Department of Labor (DOL) regulations. The government has begun cracking down on contractors who don’t offer employees coverage by levying fines and conducting audits.

That’s where AXIM makes the difference. Our comprehensive custom benefits packages and consulting ensure you stay compliant and retain employees with top-notch coverage. In an era where employers struggle to keep staff happy, substantial benefits packages are an essential tool to ensure employee longevity.

Compliance Software & Services

Our Technology, FringeSecure, provides a seamless integration with most systems and platforms, creating a transparent end-to-end solution. You can access your earned H&W dollars, benefits, and fringe dollar allocation from anywhere at any time, offering a comprehensive solution for government contractors. 

At AXIM, we champion compliance. We drive efficiency, and ensure data integrity, offering comprehensive solutions in benefits and compliance. Our comprehensive DOL audit support ensures that you alongside your AXIM team can swiftly address and effectively resolve any regulatory concerns with just one phone call. 

Our Compliance Platform Provides:

As part of the industry-leading technology solution, we have created a SaaS model that solves the issues for any size business, budget, contract type (SCA/DBA, CBA), or comfort level with compliance. No matter what your needs may be, AXIM Fringe Solutions Group has the perfect option for your business and your budget.


SaaS Solution

Client Runs Compliance

AXIM Provides Tools for
Self-Service ONLY


SaaS Solution

Client Runs Compliance

AXIM Provides Consultation and Pro-Active Monitoring, Benefits Management

Integration for Payroll, HCM, ERP, Benefits Carriers

Trend Analysis and
Compliance Adherence


Hybrid Solution

AXIM Consultants Handle All Facets of Compliance

AXIM Consultation for Renewal and Contract Changes

Integration for Payroll, HCM, ERP, Benefits Carriers, etc.

Trend Analysis and
Compliance Adherence


Fully Managed Solution

Trust Responsibilities
Managed By AXIM with
Third Party Oversight

Administration Fees to be
Paid From H&W



Engagements, Solutions & Strategy

Employers and contractors alike use benefits to stay competitive in a tight labor market. While benefits serve as an advantage, they are only as good as the employees who know about them! AXIM's proprietary engagement platform, Showcase, and strategic communications tool allows for all employers (with or without contracts) to improve utilization and optimization of their benefits offerings. 

Our platform is built to ensure that employees know about their benefits, are reminded when and how to use their benefits correctly, and can be seamlessly supported in their many questions without additional burden on HR. 

Our Engagement Platform Provides:

Front Door Experience

 Aggregate all your offerings into a single 'front-door' experience (web & mobile)

Understand Behaviors

 Track engagement behaviors for improved benefit choices and communication strategies

Total Review Profiles

Automatic Total Rewards summaries for real-time value tracking and YTD enrollments and contributions

Better Education

Educate employees about all you offer them with flexible benefit provides, a video library and more.

Communicate to All

 Communicate automatically to employees throughout the year with the push of a button

Data Integrity

AXIM offers the most comprehensive solutions available in benefits and compliance

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