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Can You Compete with SCA Compliance?

Acquiring government contracts can be rewarding in many ways. Government contracts have secured salaries and profits for employees and employers for decades. They offer job security, often a commodity in a constantly transforming economy. Since introducing the Service Contract Act or SCA compliance initiative in the 1960s to safeguard employees’ interests and maintain a quality working environment, proper compliance has been pivotal in contract acquisition. But without the appropriate guidance or up-to-date news regarding SCA compliance or the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), adhering to the guidelines is far from simple.

The world of government contracting is constantly changing. How can you draw a steady income to ensure your business and hires flourish in a fluid industry where change is a part of the makeup? AXIM Fringe Solutions Group was created to provide SCA compliance and in-depth guidance to ensure those seeking government contracts can compete in contract acquisition without censure.


What It Takes to Comply for Contract Success

Fulfilling contracts is a full-time job that requires your undivided focus. How do you ensure your productivity and success story avoids sidelining? Failure to comply with new regulatory obligations like SCA compliance can result in losing contracts and consequences that hit your bottom line! Thankfully with the right “in” in the business, you’ll be able to center your focus on meeting deadlines and completing contracts without the fear of fines or licensing loss. Who you trust can mean SCA compliance is not far from becoming a reality for your business.


AXIM Fringe Solutions Group offers services that ensure your business:

  • Gains access to quality consultation on how to ensure SCA compliance

  • Receives benefit packages and monitoring systems to cater to the current regulatory procedures and guidelines

  • Stays in business with SCA Compliance and other wage determination contracts

When you enter into a partnership with AXIM, you open the doors to consistent results, government contracting awards, and fine-free business dealings. If you want to ensure your employees feel valued and cared for, your SCA compliance makes you a contender in government contracting.


Guarantees and Promises that are Fail-Safe

It can be difficult to trust another entity to safeguard your business interests. As a government contractor themselves, AXIM Fringe Solutions Group offers a unique perspective and encourages growth and success for other government contractors. Your success is theirs. If you succeed, then they succeed. And they back it up with a guarantee. AXIM Fringe Solutions Group assumes financial responsibility for any fines or infractions you may incur because they are confident in their ability to steward your SCA compliance! How can you better run your business? By seeking solutions from a source that invests time and effort in your dreams! And by acknowledging SCA compliance is a welcome opportunity to enable competitiveness in a highly competitive arena!


Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

AXIM assumes a role in your business that addresses the current news, SCA Compliance, and other “acts” affecting government contracts. A newer development in the regulatory world, the Preventing Organizational Conflicts of Interest bill brings further questions to the forefront. How do government contractors avoid:

  • Legal challenges that could potentially drag on in the court system

  • Unintentional actions that may affect their profit margins

  • Practices that may cause long-term business loss

  • Ignorance that leads to irreparable damage to professional reputations

Your venture into government contracting can only partially rely on success in contract acquisition. As AXIM Fringe Solutions Group acknowledges, by offering monitoring services, professional consultations, and SCA compliance guarantees, success comes from business decisions that have continuity and employing stalwart sentinels to encourage long-term gains.


Questions AXIM Answers

In approaching SCA compliance, the Federal Acquisition Act, and Davis Bacon Act, what questions must be answered? Seeking solutions can be time-consuming and inefficient when your list of things to do continues to grow. It can get overwhelming quickly. Are you plagued with questions such as:

  • What does SCA Compliance mean for your next step in government contract inquiries?

  • How will new regulatory acts affect you?

  • How can you be successful when bills and regulations are introduced that you cannot comply with easily on your own?

  • Where can you turn to ensure your employees get the necessary benefits and attention?

You may be asking questions and expecting individual answers. But what if the solution was much more straightforward? What can you gain by partnering with a government contractor offering SCA compliance, guidance, and fringe benefits packages that encourage employee loyalty? The only question that can bridge the gap of the unknown can address all your problems simultaneously.


AXIM Fringe Solutions Group Refocuses Your Goals

The AXIM team can simplify and address your questions. As a Solutions group that encompasses decluttering your head space, you can refocus your eyes on the goals you’ve set before you. SCA compliance is necessary but not uncomplimentary to your end goal. AXIM Fringe Solutions Group turns SCA compliance (what seems to be insurmountable “do’s and do not’s”) into a tool to be used to keep you competitive in the government contracting world. If you want to engage in a secure and assured system of checks and balances without the stressors accompanying them, delegation is central to your success. SCA compliance is an avenue that you and your partnership with AXIM can take to ensure your path is more profitable and pleasurable!

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