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Benefits, Compliance, and Engagement
for GovCon

Aligning the right solutions
to match your objectives
and provide the best for
your employees

Who We Serve

AXIM is the industry's most knowledgeable partner
for all things Government Contracting, we work to support
contractors in all of the following categories:
Service Contract Act
Contract Support

Who better to help you ensure compliance with government regulations than an experienced government contractor? Not only are we the first one to be a health and welfare administration and compliance firm, but we’re also still the only one.


Contract Support

Adding contracts and employees at a high rate to offset the low margins multiplies your DOL risk and overhead associated with the contract, but they have no counterbalance to this increased liability and workload. Partnering with AXIM offsets both (taking full liability in the event of a DOL audit) using only fringe dollars.

Davis Bacon Act
Contract Support

AXIM built the nation’s first and only voluntary benefits platform designed specifically for government contractors paid for with fringe dollars. Contractors can now offer better benefits that protect employees and their families- all while reducing turnover and attracting new talent.

Labor Union
Contract Support

Navigate Taft-Hartley union contract intricacies seamlessly as a new government contract awardee, ensuring smooth labor relations, compliance, and streamlined administration while you concentrate on advancing your business.

Aviation & Transportation Security Act

Compliance reporting has several “moving” performance pieces, some of which may change over the life of the contract. Contractors that don’t stay on top of their compliance are putting themselves at serious risk. Ensuring proper reporting by employee, by hours worked, by benefit elected is just the tip of the iceberg.

State Prevailing Wage

Master the nuances of state prevailing wage contracts with ease as a newly contracted government partner, guaranteeing precise wage determinations, compliance adherence, and efficient administrative handling

In addition, we can provide benefits and plan design for your non-contract employees to ensure consistency and best-in-class benefits support.
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Our Services & Solutions

Let AXIM Help Improve Your Contract Profitability

Partnering with AXIM can improve your profitability. We can enhance your profit margins by up to 3% per contract, typically at no additional cost. Our data-driven, technological approach to benefits consulting and contract compliance not only positively impacts your bottom line but also enriches your employees’ lives. 

Schedule Your Free Contract Consultation with one of our experts.

AXIM Fringe Solutions Compliance

Government Contractors operate in a complex and highly-regulated environment. Compliance reporting has several "moving" performance pieces, some of which may change over the life of the contract. We drive efficiency, and ensure data integrity, offering comprehensive solutions in benefits and compliance. Our comprehensive DOL audit support ensures that you alongside your AXIM team can swiftly address and effectively resolve any regulatory concerns with just one phone call. 

AXIM Fringe Solutions Engagement

Employee Benefits should not only support your contract strength and profitability, but they should also make you highly competitive. At AXIM, our built-in engagement tools allow for the optimization of your benefits package to your employees – making sure they know the right time to use the right benefits. We provide Total Rewards Profiles and a full suite of strategic communication tools to enhance and increase your employee benefits offering.

AXIM Fringe Solutions Benefits

AXIM aids in creating competitive bids, fulfilling set-aside credit requirements, and maximizing fringe dollars. As an agnostic organization in terms of carriers and administration platforms, we customize our approach to align your Health & Welfare Employee Benefits plan designs with the nominal value of your contracts and your organization’s core values and objectives. 


James Campbell

Founder & CEO

"In the benefits industry, let's shift the focus
to people and their communities. By putting the
end user first, we create a sustainable and
impactful industry that truly benefits everyone."

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